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Market Focus: The Growing Clean Energy Sector

Amp Ventures investment focus is the Clean Energy sector, which encompasses renewable energy, energy efficiency improvement activities, and those technologies, products or services that reduce the environmental impact (including greenhouse gases) of traditional energy sources.

The clean energy market has continued to grow, even during harsh economic times, driven by concerns about the effects on the environment and emissions of greenhouse gases in particular caused by traditional sources of energy. The desire increasing call for energy independence also continues to be a primary contributor to sector growth.

Over the past several years the growth of the clean energy sector has been enhanced by government support around the world.This support has taken the form of regulations requiring increased usage of clean energy sources, direct grants for research into clean energy technologies, and loans and other financial support to clean energy projects. The Energy Information Agency (EIA) projected in its 2010 Annual Energy Outlook that non-hydro renewable resources will potentially provide over 40% of the total growth in electric energy production from 2008 to 2035. In fact, 2008 was the first time when new installations of renewable energy exceeded new installations of fossil fuel generation. 

Where AMP Ventures fits: Our Differentiated Strategy

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the "Energy Capital of the World", AMP Ventures was formed by an experienced group of energy sector professionals to focus on an underserved sector of the clean energy market; namely the need for smaller scale investments. Though larger scale renewable energy investment opportunities, such as wind farms comprised of several hundred megawatts of wind turbines requiring hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, have received much attention many clean energy transactions are smaller scale, from $50 million to less than $5 million. Due to concerns of many investors in spending their time on smaller scale projects, many outstanding opportunities are overlooked. Based on the AMP Ventures teamís extensive experience in assessing billions of dollars in energy projects, our insight is that many such smaller scale transactions represent higher value opportunities.This is the key to AMP Venturesí strategy.