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AMP Ventures strategy is to use our team's experience in structuring and arranging transactions across a diverse range of clean energy technologies at different stages of development, from late stage commercialization of technologies to operating assets, with a focus on the underserved market for investments in the range of $5 million to $30 million.

Within this context and the overall strategy, investment parameters considered by AMP Ventures are the following:

Technology Sectors:

AMP Ventures will consider investment opportunities from the following clean energy technologies:

  • Biomass power, including typical boiler technologies, conversions of existing facilities, and gasification amongst others.
  • Solar power, including solar thermal, concentrating solar PV, and PV
  • Geothermal power, including projects with drilling risk to the extent such risk can be mitigated
  • Waste-to-Energy, including gasification, pyrolisis, and other technologies to convert Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), biosolids, agricultural wastes, and other forms of waste into fuels or electricity
  • Landfill gas, including both power generation and delivery of medium Btu gas supplies
  • Hydro power, including run-of-river hydro facilities as well as less conventional hydro-kinetic and tidal or ocean power technologies.
  • Wind power, including energy storage technologies to enhance the capacity factors of wind projects
  • Energy efficiency, including technologies focused on reducing the energy consumption of everyday products

We will also consider infrastructure transactions, such as transmission, which support any of the above technologies.

Investment Stage:

Preference is for operating assets or those that could achieve commercial operations or commercialization within 12 to 18 months.  However, the AMP Ventures team has the requisite experience to consider transactions that are in the later stages of technology commercialization in the above sectors and need to pass through the technology "valley of death" to achieve a commercial, scale operating facility.  The development experience of a number of members of our team allows AMP Ventures to quickly focus on the potential viability of a project transaction as well.

Investment Size:

AMP Ventures will typically focus on arranging investments in the range of $5 million to $30 million. However, we will consider investments outside this range on a case by case basis. Smaller investments that have the potential to allow for a roll up into a larger financing portfolio would be of special interest in this regard.

Geographic Focus:

AMP Ventures' professionals have experience in energy transactions on six continents, under all sorts of regulatory regimes. Therefore, we are not averse to considering transactions in out-of-the-way places. However, we would tend to focus on projects in North America due to the depth of the market and the proximity of the investment.

Investment Type:

AMP Ventures primarily focuses on arranging equity investments, but can support companies looking for investments in bridge or mezzanine financing as necessary and appropriate.